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January 01, 2020

Measuring sustainability is key to progress, panel says

PALM DESERT, Calif. — Produce companies who ignore measuring sustainability do so at their increasing peril, panelists said at The Packer’s West Coast Produce Expo May 10.

In a session sponsored by Tomra and moderated by Produce Retailer editor Ashley Nickle, produce industry leaders talked about how they define sustainability, make it a priority and measure their efforts.

October 04, 2018

Nikki Rodoni's Latest Monterey County Sustainable Working Group Meeting Unites Industry Leaders For Recycling Cause

In a year that has been rife with challenges to the United States’ commitment to sustainability, including China closing its doors to much of our recyclable materials, California’s industries, including ag, are feeling the strain. To address that issue, nearly 100 representatives from across the fresh produce supply chain gathered in Salinas, California, where they discussed how the industry can prepare for the future of recycling. Dubbed the Monterey County Sustainable Working Group (MCSWG) meeting, attendees joined together with organizer Nikki Rodoni on September 27 to take on one of our industry’s most pressing issues.

September 20, 2018

The Monterey County Sustainability Working Group Address the Recycling Crisis

MCSWG meets at the CSUMB @ Salinas City Center to discuss the Future of Recycling for the Monterey County Produce Industry. The MCSWG meeting dives into the urgent issue or recycling ag-related plastics. New and innovative solutions are needed for the agriculture industry or else the region will struggle to reach recycling goals and be met with mounting costs. The MCSWG meeting offers a platform for stakeholders to gather insight from each other as they look for solutions to reframe the future of recycling for the fresh produce industry in Monterey County.

September 19, 2016

3rd Party Social Accountability Talks at latest Monterey County Sustainability Working Group Meeting

With sustainability efforts in the produce industry gaining momentum, MSCWG meets to provide a perspective from the viewpoint of certification providers, buyers who are looking to ensure their product is safe and responsibly-grown, and producers who have gone through the challenges and successes of the Social Accountability certification process. Nikki Rodoni shares, “With responsible labor practices and transparency being at the forefront of the produce industry, it is important for all sides of the issue to begin a conversation and take a proactive approach,”

June 06, 2016

Monterey County Sustainability Working Group Meeting Concludes, Focuses on Food Waste

MCSWG meeting on food waste brings together individuals from higher education, waste management companies, agricultural companies, food banks, composters, trade associations, and county government. Nikki Rodoni, founder of the MCSWG states, “Solving this issue of food waste is a complex endeavor, and there is no one-size fits all solution. This meeting was a great first step toward constructive collaboration to find solutions for how to measure and improve efforts in this area.”

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